September 19th, 2004


A normal update, I guess?

Yeah, so I guess I have enough going on that I should make a normal entry to document it all. Journaling, if you will. What a concept.

Rosh Hashanah was great. (Shanah tovah, to all those I didn't yet get a chance to say that to.) I know that I'm trying to be more shomer shabbat, but I just don't have the stamina to extend that to holidays. So, lots of driving. Family dinner Wednesday in Merion. Thursday morning services at Penn, and lunch and hanging out too. Nap at Penn, then back to Merion for Tashlikh and visiting old friends. (Josh Shrager is in yeshiva!) Dinner at the KBH, then back home. Friday morning services at Penn again, then back out to Merion again for an amazing lunch at Julie K's. Back into the city, parked the car for good, and did my usual Friday night and Saturday thing at BZBI (local synagogue) and home, which, thankfully, includes quite the Saturday afternoon nap. Because, man, I was zonked. Good holiday, though, if a bit too much synagogue. That's going to be a theme of my month, I think. As usual. It comes with the territory.

Unrelatedly, last Monday I had a doctor's appointment. You may or may not know that I've had back problems of sorts since I first moved into college in September 1999, which strangely shifted to my side when I got physical therpay in January 2003, and then shifted again to my chest during my road trip last March. As I haven't seen a doctor for this since before the PT, I decided it was time to let the medical profession take another crack at it. I went to a D.O., and she gave me a diagnosis that seems to fit the facts. I have an "inhalation rib". One rib doesn't move with the rest of them when I exhale, so it essentially dislocates itself every time I breathe. Not fun. They don't know what to do about it, either; since they're supposed to be able to just pop it back into place, but that didn't work on me. I guess that's because I've had this for awhile, though I don't know if it really did start in 1999, 2003, or March. In any case, I'm going back in three weeks so they can play with me some more. Meanwhile, I'll try to keep my sitting to a minimum.

Unrelatedly, I really like my BZBI friends. It's very strange for me to get close to people who are older than me, since that never happens, but it's happening now, with a couple of people in particular. Might make the decision to move to Mt. Airy a bit harder. But I don't have to worry about that now, since I'm not going to have enough money to move out of my mom's house any time soon anyway!

Unrelatedly, GO EAGLES!!!

If there's anything I've done to offend you or otherwise wrong you in the past year, please accept my apologies. Because, yes, this is the traditional season to ask for forgiveness, but also because I just don't like pissing people off. If there's something you feel we need to talk out, feel free to e-mail me.