September 5th, 2004


(no subject)

So I'm interested in playing some rather obscure card games.
  • New Eleusis, by Robert Abbott, doesn't need that big a group (seems to be ideal for about 5, and unplayable with fewer than 4), but requires a time committment of several hours (perhaps as much as one hour per player, I'd guess), and lots of thinking and puzzle-solving.
  • Sid Sackson's Haggle (with Schmittberger's modification to use playing cards rather than just colored pieces of paper) was a trading-card game well before Magic ever came along. It doesn't take that long: It can probably be played in a half hour or an hour, if it's all that's going on, or it can be played over the course of a 3-hour dinner party or something else where the game isn't the main focus. But it requires a large group (seems to be ideal for about 15, would work for twice that many, but probably wouldn't function with fewer than about 8), and for the sake of the person running the game, the exact number of people playing, with very little variation, should be known ahead of time.

So, yeah, I don't know how to go about getting a group of people together to play either of these. I might be able to convince this Philly gaming club I know of to sit for a session of Eleusis, but they tend to prefer things with a role-playing element, and stay away from conventional cards. And there's no way they'd produce the numbers for Haggle, or be up for the liveliness of it. Plus, I'm not really a member of this group (yet), so organizing something myself might be tough or inappropriate.

Any ideas?

In other news, it's the first Sunday in September. Man, I wish the NFL season were starting. I'm really itching to watch my Eagles.

I still haven't fought my e-mail inbox down from Fest. If I owe you an e-mail, please stand by. It'll happen.

Will probably visit Penn people at least once in the next week. I'm conceptually very glad they're back, though not enough to actually get my lazy ass out of this chair and down to see them today.

My mom's coming home today. I haven't seen her in two weeks, because we were both on week-long vacations that overlapped by a matter of hours. In spite of how self-conscious I am about still living at home, I'm really excited to see Mom again.