July 14th, 2004


Top LJ Writer Friends

It's time, finally, for the long-awaited list of the top 10 writers on my LiveJournal Friends list!

The rules I used in making this list:
  • This is totally subjective. If your writing style doesn't mesh with what I prefer to read, your rating will go down, even if you're a good writer.
  • I like "plain", expository writing a lot. I like more creative or flowery writing too, sometimes, but that makes it more suceptible to the previous rule.
  • Only mutual friends. Don't want to bother any of the people I'm stalking.
  • If you haven't written much, or much recently, your chances go way down. (Sorry, myq, krisispm, and gurami; you all almost made it anyway.)
  • I don't count posts or parts of posts that aren't primarily your own original writing. Pictures, lyrics, memes, links, and the like don't help or hurt you.
  • I don't factor in how well I may know you write in Real Life; I only count what I see on here.

Now, then:

10. jre I like to follow along as you change the world.

9. vox_dei If I understood more of what you said, this might be even higher.

8. ruthonfire Completely my style of writing. Are you sure we're not related?

7. peneli You never fail to say exactly what you mean to say.

6. arcati It's just like talking to you, and there's a reason people just like talking to you.

5. jdcohen (Writings at jdcohen_uj) If textbooks were written this way, I'd have read them.

4. kazulrw You make interesting from banal and beauty from anything.

3. noames At least as good as many of the newspaper columns I read.

2. johanna409 You convey emotion better than most novels I've read.

1. decibelle Every analogy, allusion, or turn of phrase you come up with, I wish I'd thought of it first. Most of them, I understand too, and I feel better about myself because of it.