July 5th, 2004


(no subject)

I was driving to my summer league team's Ultimate (Frisbee) game tonight, and I was thinking about how I should make a Livejournal post about it. How summer league is really one of the great things in my life right now, how it's probably going a long way toward keeping me from lapsing into depression this summer, how it's so great that I have a positive connection to some physical activity because that's so rare for me.

I got to the game, and the parking lot was empty. There are usually 5 games there, and I was only a little early. Eventually, 12 people on my team show up. Almost the whole team except for the two captains, one of whom is away and the other of whom is injured and possibly also away. Not one of our opponents ever shows. We found out eventually that there are supposed to be two other games there besides ours, but a total of two people not on our team ever came. There's no e-mail from the captains about the other team cancelling, and in fact there was a confirmation e-mail just 3 days ago saying that we had enough people to play (which was obviously true; Ultimate games are 7 vs. 7 at any given time) and so the game was on. I still have no idea what happened. And now I have nothing to do.