June 22nd, 2004


(no subject)

When I was younger, I always seemed mature for my age. I tended to appreciate the wisdom of my elders, and I was never the sort of person who needed to make mistakes for himself first to learn from them. In fact, I was never much of a risk-taker at all. Granted, there are a bunch of drawbacks to this sort of personality, but isn't one upside that I don't regret my past? Or, even more to the point, that I don't feel like I've changed that much over the years, and don't feel that that's a bad thing? I mean, yes, I can see changes in my personality, and I'm proud of them, but in general I think I'm mostly the same person I was years ago. And I was proud of that person (more or less) then, and I'm still proud of that person now.

Similarly, I always prided myself on making friends with mature, wholesome people. Not necessarily mature in the same risk-free way that I was/am, but just intelligent and thoughtful. Therefore, isn't it understandable and inoffensive that I'm bothered when my friends talk about how much they've changed over the years, and even more so when they repudiate their former selves? I liked them then, and I liked them for positive reasons that haven't gone away, and those characteristics are still what I see when I look at them, so to me they haven't changed much. And they especially have nothing to be ashamed about, with regard to who they were.

So, yeah, change is a good thing, if you want, but if you notice that I might frown a little instead of smile a lot when you tell me how much you've changed, that's why. It's not just nostalgia.