May 1st, 2004


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Looking for something to read last night, I pulled my 11th grade plan/assignment book down off the shelf. During the 5 months that I used it, February-June 1998 (right after I got back into Akiba and stopped going to UMAHS), a friend of mine and I filled up 36 otherwise blank pages with notes. We passed it back and forth during the classes we were both in, writing to each other, and apparently causing a fair amount of curiosity among our classmates, while never once, as far as I remember, getting in trouble.

Since I have some time to kill these days, I've decided to transcribe it. (This plan is ironic enough, since the thing I read last night just before the planbook was Nicholson Baker's compelling essay "Discards" in his The Size of Thoughts: Essays And Other Lumber, approximately 50 pages lamenting the destruction of library card catalogs, and the loss of data and usability that comes from transcribing all those cards into a computer database. No, really, it's much better reading and less boring than it sounds, in a way only Baker can do...)

Unfortunately I can't share most of it with you, because an intertwined half of it isn't mine to share. But there are some things I found fun that I entirely wasn't expecting and that I can put online:

Apparently back then we used the term "with" to solve the problem of how to describe someone you're entering into a romantic and/or physical relationship with. You weren't dating the person or hooking up with the person or going steady with the person, you were simply with the person. Even if you weren't actually in the same room at the time.

Moreover, being with someone didn't necessarily imply that you had kissed yet, or even that it would happen extremely soon, though it was probably on the not-too-distant horizon.

Alisa, you were apparently my best friend from camp, and in response to a series of questions about which one thing (of various categories) I would bring with myself to a desert island, you'd be the girl. I also would've brought Star Wars, Throwing Copper by Live, spaghetti, and the bible.

My sarcastic sense of humor was rather well refined by then, even though I thought I picked up most of it in college.

It's fun to talk about prom, or potential prom dates for yourself and others, even for junior prom, for months before the actual event.

I was really into Dawson's Creek.