April 21st, 2004


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Now that's how a pit is supposed to be.

I drove up to Allentown tonight to go to a Reel Big Fish concert. I'd seen them before (when they opened for They Might Be Giants; still the best concert I've ever been to, and the one that caused the most hearing loss), and I wanted to go back. Didn't feel like paying for overpriced tickets to see them open for Wyclef at Penn this weekend, so Allentown it was. Plus I got to go with Lesley.

The opening bands were alright. Enjoyable, probably because ska and punk are particularly accessible styles. It's easy to get into the music. We were near a small skank/mosh pit, but not close enough for it to really affect us. We moved a little farther to the side for RBF.

They came on around 10:20, and either the first song or the second was "Everything Sucks". By then, what had started off as a large pit in the middle of the floor section, about halfway back in the small venue, expanded to include basically the entire floor except along the walls. It lasted that size for almost the whole song.

And it was awesome. It was so much better than at Penn on Saturday. People clearly knew what they were doing and knew how not to hurt each other in the pit, which was big most of the time but huge for "Everything Sucks", "Beer", and "Sell Out", though surprisingly not for "Thank You For Not Moshing". The crowd surfing was minimal, and everyone who went up knew where they were going and was only up for about 10 seconds. I even let myself get sucked in and bounced around a little, and really enjoyed it.

And in the process, I answered the question from before that I thought would be so tough. How can I learn from Saturday and not let my anger get ahold of me again? Positive physical outlets. This also feels like a response to what I found myself telling someone 10 days ago, that "I have little or no positive connection to anything physical". What I need is psuedoviolence (moshing) or perhaps controlled violence (martial arts). Tonight really made me feel a lot better about myself, almost like a release of some sort. Who knew it would happen by bouncing into a bunch of sweaty 16 year old boys?

That was easy.