March 30th, 2004



I still need somewhere to go for second seder. Anywhere in the Philly area is okay by me. Anyone want to invite me or know where I can go?

After sitting on our planter thingie for three weeks, about a week longer than eggs of that type of bird take to hatch, our bird left. Queenie, my mom called her. She left behind two eggs that aren't going to hatch. We're both rather upset about this.

Florida is nice. And warm.

I'm going to see Bob Dylan in about an hour. Other exciting stuff in the next few weeks: Exhibition Phillies game at the new park on Sunday, Passover on Monday, Jew In The Woods on the 9th, my job starts on the 14th, and Spring Fling is (I think) 16th-17th. Man, I'm having an awesome early spring.

I miss my synagogue a bit, though. Haven't been there since Purim, and if I don't go this weekend, it'll be 4 more weeks until I do.

I'm becoming interested enough in how the internet affects the world (in sociological, linguistic, and communicative ways) that I might want to go to school for it. Had I thought of this 5 years ago (and had it been interesting 5 years ago), I'd go to a school for undergrad that encourages making your own major, and do it that way, and tie it together in a senior thesis. Any ideas on how to do it now? Getting a masters in one of those fields doesn't seem like it would really cover it. (New stuff worth researching: and .)