January 1st, 2004


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NYE in the information age: I was at a small party that decided to watch the Times Square ball drop via a streaming webcast. It was kind of fuzzy, and as I keep the correct time on my watch, I was warning everyone when to start watching. But nothing seemed to be happening right away. It turned out that due to internet traffic, the webcast was delayed by about 79 seconds.

Thought for 2003: This really seemed to be a year for people I care about. Those who truly care about me were more important to me than usual, and I was more important to those I care about, than usual. Because of both positive and negative things. But the fact that we all made it through so far is a testament to those relationships.

Hope for 2004: That circumstances allow me to stop adjusting and reacting so much and grow a bit more. Or, failing that, to grow a bit more via the adjustments and reactions. Not that I didn't grow in 2003, of course.

All these reaching hands out grabbing things. Grabbing me.
Day in day out accumulating.
I suggest you step out on your porch.
Run away my son. See it all. Oh see the world.
Oh, reach the door.

Happy new year. Healthy new year.
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