October 26th, 2003


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My class never had that many parties that everyone was invited to. Not since the Bar Mitzvah era had ended about a year earlier. But Jessie decided to take advantage of her big house and her last year before moving out of town, and she invited everyone over for a pre-Halloween party on Saturday night. Despite my social outcast awkward-at-best relationship with most of the people, I decided it would be fun to go anyway.

As it was a pre-Halloween party, people came in costume. Ilana, who I was crushing on from afar, looked really hot as a cowgirl. Nice denim jacket. And, um, the pair of guns. My good friend Sam, who lived in the neighborhood, was probably wearing a cool costume, but I barely got to see it. He left with his girlfriend for a good portion of the party. They probably went back to his house. I had decided several years ago that dressing up for Halloween was more trouble than it was worth, but I had to do something. So I wore an oversized cardboard tie that read, "This is my costume!" Over my normal attire, of course.

The Braves beat the Indians to clinch the World Series that night. The game was on in Jessie's basement on her 40-inch RGB front-projection TV, but when the game actually ended, I was the only one down there. I went upstairs and announced the results to anyone who might actually care.

As my antisocial tendencies were just a feature of my personality, and not something I saw as a drawback anymore, I was actually enjoying the party. I was going to be watching the World Series anyway; why not be able to hang out with some people after it was over? Including the cowgirl. Wow.

It wasn't a co-ed sleepover party; we weren't old enough for those yet. So at some point, we all left to go home or to friends' houses for the night. I went over Sam's. We just sat around and talked until really late; there always seemed to be plenty to talk about.

At one point I asked him, "So, what were you and [your girlfriend] doing here for so long during the party? You couldn't have been, you know, the whole time."
"No, we weren't making out the whole time. We spent a lot of time just talking. You know. Being frank and earnest with each other."
"Oh." I stopped to think for a second. "Um. Uh...which one of you was Frank?"

We both laughed for a long time at that one. Maybe you had to be there.

A bit later I looked down at my watch. It was 1:59 in the morning. "Hey, Sam, check it out. I've never been up late enough to actually see the clock change back at the end of Daylight Savings time. And it's in 38 seconds!"

"Only you, Josh," he said. But I knew he appreciated it too. And 38 seconds later, I gave a little cheer, and then immediately set my watch back an hour.

We went to sleep around 1:15.