September 5th, 2003


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To use one of my favorite journalistic throwaway words, the city was abuzz today! Why? Because a new Trader Joe's opened less than 2 blocks from here! Today!!! It's so cool, because it's like, um, like a health food supermarket! Only better!

Why is it better? I'm not entirely certain. But it was fun to shop there, and I'll probably go back a lot. As will half of the population of Center City, all of whom were there today. Not all at once, mind you, it wasn't THAT crowded there. But carrying a paper Trader Joe's bag today was a conversation starter among complete strangers. Everyone smiled and said how great it was, and isn't it amazing that no one in the city went food shopping all week because of this?

I collect these. Anything that makes perfect strangers want to talk to each other is cool to me.