March 2nd, 2003


(no subject)


I don't know where your summer plans are at this point, but I'm starting to narrow mine down, and I would like to return to the LDC. My availiability is from May 21st until August 1st, and also the week of August 11th. Do you know yet whether you may have a 40 hr/week spot for me?

Also, I am graduating this May, so if you have or will have any full-time positions available, I would love to have a discussion with you about them at some point.


Full time. Holy crap. I graduate in 11 weeks. Holy crap. You know what full time means? Indefinite. It means that if Andy wants to hire me, and I accept, then I'll be at the LDC for the next 6 months after the summer. Or 50 years. Who knows? Could be either one.

I haven't been in the same place for more than two years in a long time. Since being at Akiba from 6th grade through halfway through 10th grade, a stretch that ended over six years ago. And I know there's no reason to expect that should change with my first job after college. But still. I went to Upper Merion with the intention of going back to Akiba. I finished Akiba with the intention of going to college. I spent two years at Drexel with the intention of transferring. I am now about to finish my undergraduate years at Penn, with the intention of getting a job. One I get a job, my goal will be to get used to having a steady income. To get used to paying rent and utilities somewhere. To get used to dealing with bills and insurance. And I guess to move up in a career, or something like that, but I'm getting too far ahead of myself now. Basically, my goal is to get a job and get used to it.

I know I can handle it. I have the tools to live in the real world, or I can develop whatever I'm missing. I can get a job about as well as any other recent graduate with a BA from an Ivy league school. And I know I have an amazing support system, which I'll need to use more then than I do now. But damn, it's still intimidating. I've moved from the low wire to the high wire, and I can't see the other end. All I have is the net below, and trust in my own two feet.