January 19th, 2003


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Oh, man, all birthdays should be like this.

You wake up early in the morning, and walk into the next room and wake up one of your best friends. You spend the day with him, as you pray some. Sing some. Learn some. Learn to sing some. And throughout the course of the day you visit with lots of people, old friends and friends you never even knew you had. You spend at least an hour with at least four different old friends, not exactly catching up on what you've missed in their life, but just chatting and being in each other's presence, enough that you feel fulfilled when you leave. You make veggie cheeseburgers for dinner. And at the end, you end up in the company of two of the most important people in your life, who sing you "Happy Birthday" in harmony.

And you look at your watch, and it's 12:03AM. And it's only technically been your birthday for three minutes, but then you realize you've just had the best surprise party ever, because you had all you could've asked for on a birthday, and it was what some people may call a little early. The surprise is that your birthday was a day early this year.