January 1st, 2003


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Thought for 2002: More than any other year, this year really opened me up to the possibilities of my life and my future. Over the year, and in particular during an incredible summer, I really stopped being scared about what's to come, and in the process, learned a bit more about where I am now.

Prediction for 2003: Naah, I can't do that.

Hope for 2003: I think that just being as happy and content as I am now is enough. Learning to make money would be nice. Reading a few good works of fiction would be nice. But in the end, if I feel then how I feel now, dayyeinu.

All these reaching hands out grabbing things. Grabbing me.
Day in day out accumulating.
I suggest you step out on your porch.
Run away my son. See it all. Oh see the world.
Oh, reach the door.


Happy new year. Healthy new year.