August 18th, 2002


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  • Went to the National Havurah Committee's Summer Institute for a week.
  • Am currently experiencing a week for unwinding and post-institute responsibilities and emotions, and for dealing with normal monthly business, and for pre-Fest responsibilities and emotions. As a bonus, my Ultimate Summer League finals are also this week!
  • Am soon leaving for Philly Folk Fest.
  • Will return from Philly Folk Fest to say goodbye to my many friends once again leaving for a semester or year far away from here.
  • Will then move into college yet again, a procedure much more familiar but no easier than the first time.

Any one of those has enough activity and emotion associated with it to easily last me an ordinary month. August is no ordinary month, though, and I can only hope that I can sustain myself through future Augusts once I'm out in the Real World roughly as well as I seem to have done for the first half of this one.

But damn, I'm having fun.

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    Pearl Jam - "Smile" ; Robert Plant - "Darkness Darkness"