July 7th, 2002


Random thoughts about the smokey haze currently covering Philadelphia

(You can read about what's going on here and here if you're not in the Northeast part of this country.)

  • Too bad it's not Purple.
  • How bad must it be in Quebec?
  • When they talk about "hazy, hot, and humid" weather, if it were like this all the time, everyone would leave Philly and head to Arizona for the dry heat.
  • I have a certain fascination with some news stories. I've never been able to quite pin down which stories qualify, but a common thread seems to be a lack of control on a widespread scale. This story is the first one not involving death to fascinate me in this way since the Sixers made it to the finals a year ago, and the first one to fascinate me this much in at least two and a half years. Maybe more.
  • It seems like everything's gone wrong since Canada came along. Blame Canada!
  • Is this like an undertoad for the entire city? Rach? Val?
  • This really sucks for the fire department. Now they have something to do on days when there are no real fires, and there are no cats stuck in trees. But that's not necessarily a good thing.
  • Is this what it looks like in L.A. all the time?
  • Are you sure it's not just from all the fireworks?
  • Current Music
    The Cast of South Park - "Blame Canada"