Josh (desh) wrote,

Yesterday morning, the top story in Philly was whether Mayor Street would sign the smoking ban that City Council passed a few months ago. (He'd announced that he'd decide yesterday.) So, from Mayor Street's perspective, here were the pros and cons:

  • Pro: By signing the bill, public health would be improved. (Mayor Street has always been in favor of a smoking ban in theory.)

  • Con: By signing the bill, he wouldn't be able to screw over Michael Nutter, the former councilman who was behind this bill and whom Mayor Street hates.

And this was actually a point of debate for him! It's amazing how complacent Democratic office holders can get in Philadelphia, openly contemplating taking action that both your constituents and you yourself disagree with, only for purposes of political gain.

Anyway, it ended up not being an issue. Street signed the bill yesterday! It's supposed to go into law on January 1, 2007. Victory!

Except that there was a typo in the bill. Apparently the bill says January 1, 2006 instead, and now no one knows what to do.

I love this city.
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