Josh (desh) wrote,

885 all-time greatest artists!

XPN's at it again, with a huge countdown. I still think their first one, the 885 all-time greatest songs, was the best idea. Albums came next, and this year it's artists. What do you think will win? What's your top 10?

Here are my lists. Since I think there's a real distinction, I'll give you three lists: The artists I think are best, the artists I think will be on XPN's aggregate top list, and my favorites.

My 10 best:
1. Pink Floyd
2. Bob Dylan
3. The Beatles
4. Bruce Springsteen
5. The Who
6. U2
7. Led Zeppelin
8. R.E.M.
9. Nirvana
10. Elvis Presley (Really, I'm reaching here. The top 9 weren't that hard, but none of the other obvious choices was anyone I ever listen to.)

My 10 predicted:
1. The Beatles
2. Bob Dylan
3. Bruce Springsteen
4. The Who
5. Grateful Dead
6. The Rolling Stones
7. Bob Marley
8. Leonard Cohen
9. U2
10. Jimi Hendrix

My 10 favorite:
1. They Might Be Giants
2. Pink Floyd
3. Pearl Jam
4. Live
5. Queen
6. Billy Joel
7. The Decemberists
8. Reel Big Fish
9. Eileen Ivers
10. Bruce Springsteen

What do you think?

And now, a ton of links:

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