Josh (desh) wrote,

No Carolyn Hax chat or Gene Weingarten chat this week. How am I supposed to procrastinate at work??

Can I just go on record in opposition to this explosion of internet videos being passed around? It's not that they're not funny. And it's not that I think LJ's new video embedding feature was done poorly or distastefully; it wasn't. (I wish we could placeholder videos without placeholdering images, but that's a small point.) It's just this: I can't multitask when watching a video. I can't skim a video if it's not worth my cautious attention to the whole thing, or to determine if it is in the first place. I can't skip to the best part of a video (unless you tell me where it is). Videos don't have headlines; you have to watch for about 30 seconds (an hour in dog internet years) to get the gist of what you're seeing.

If you link me to a long article, I can spend 10 seconds or 10 minutes reading it, and decide at any point to stop, confident that I've gotten as much out of it as I want to. Or I can spend a half hour reading it, tabbing back and forth for long and frequent LJ/email/IM/blog/whatever breaks. Videos totally break my paradigm, and they're rarely worth it.


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