Josh (desh) wrote,

I died in the Dungeon of Desh

I was killed in a torchlit armoury by Ferrell the minotaur, whilst carrying...

the Axe of Queen, the Crown of Arcati, the Wand of Queen, the Sword of Phillies, the Armour of Coralrockstar, the Shield of Dishpanwaterr, the Armour of the West Wing, a Figurine of Pkzimmer, the Sword of Stevieg, the Sword of Sabermetrics, the Sceptre of Conana, the Amulet of the Matrix, the Shield of Weather, the Crown of Rahaeli, a Figurine of Pato, the Axe of Decibelle, the Amulet of Philadelphia, the Sceptre of Queen, the Sword of Geb, a Figurine of Sarahq, the Dagger of Monty Python and 246 gold pieces.

Score: 323

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