Josh (desh) wrote,

I hate IM

Mnm835 (6:46:03 PM): hi
me (6:46:07 PM): hi...who is this?
Mnm835 (6:47:50 PM): im sorry i cant tell u unless u tell me who u r
me(6:48:03 PM): Well, you are the one who messaged me.
Mnm835 (6:48:40 PM): someone told me to
me(6:48:51 PM): Who?
Mnm835 (6:49:31 PM): a person named julia
me(6:49:41 PM): Julia who?
Mnm835 (6:51:04 PM): i dont know her e mail adress is juliep458
me(6:51:23 PM): So you messaged me because someone you don't know gave you my screenname?
Mnm835 (6:52:16 PM): no they said if i dont there gonna kill u
me(6:52:30 PM): Somehow I doubt that.
me(6:52:33 PM): Okay, nice talking to you.
Mnm835 (6:53:04 PM): your gonna die i swear
Mnm835 (10:46:31 AM): hi

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