Josh (desh) wrote,

Has this link gone around yet? Mario Live!

I'm crazy busy the next few days. I've been staying late at work to get stuff done and work toward deadlines, which I've actually been enjoying. And here's what I've got coming up:

Tomorrow, work about 9:15-6:30
Friday, work about 9:00-5:00, then synagogue and dinner
Saturday, synagogue, relax for awhile, and then leave home at about 8:00pm to walk 2 miles to the Electric Factory for a Live concert, hopefully timing things so I arrive right when Shabbos ends (and hopefully enjoying dry weather for the walk)
Sunday, Mothers Day, spending time with Mom, and picking stuff up for Tuesday
Monday, work about 9:15-6:30, hopefully not later
Tuesday, Judge an Election. I have to be at the polls roughly 6:30am-9:30pm, after which I have to walk some sensitive materials over to my car and drive them down to the other end of Center City. Then, return home and try to find a parking space, which is always fun late evening.
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