Josh (desh) wrote,

Why the Phillies have a 7-game winning streak

The streak is partly good and clutch hitting, and partly pitching that finally doesn't suck, but it also has a lot to do with half-innings like this:

Top 8, Phils up 4-1, Giants batting vs. Phils, Giants coming up with their #3 hitter, Arthur Rhodes pitching for Philly.

  • P Feliz singles to center.
  • B Bonds singles to left, Feliz to 2nd. (Against an extreme overshift, he hit a pop fly to left. The 3rd baseman put his head down and ran back to 3rd. The shortstop, playing on the other side of 2nd, ran all the way out but couldn't get there, and the outfielders just let it drop in front of them. Terrible play.)
  • Bonds hit by S Finley's batted ball, Bonds out, Finley credited with single, Feliz holds at 2nd.
  • L Niekro hits into a 6-4-5 non-continuous double play, started when the shortstop drops a line drive, confusing the hell out of Feliz.

With luck like that, the Phils end up winning the game by 3 while being outhit 11-6.

I love baseball.

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