Josh (desh) wrote,

My favorite Celtic artists I like have this nasty habit of playing shows right when I can't go to them. Eileen Ivers, my favorite, is playing a show on a Saturday night, early evening, about an hour outside of Philly, insuring that I can't go. And Natalie MacMaster, also an excellent performer, is playing her Philly show this summer on August 12th, when I'll happen to be in Rindge, NH.

But! Natalie is playing another show not far from here, in Union, NJ (near Newark), on Sunday May 21 at 3:00pm. Anyone interested in going with me?

Also, Reel Big Fish seems to be touring this summer after all! Yay! (Though no dates yet.)

Also also, for no reason, here is a picture of Howie Mandel:
You're welcome.
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