Josh (desh) wrote,

Inspired by Kevin Mench, I realized that something similar might be the problem with me at work.

So I switched my typing gloves from a Kids Medium to an Adults Medium...and now I'm typing at about 150 words per minute! Then I switched my hat from a 6½ to a 7½, and suddenly all these complicated programming tasks make sense! I'm breezing through them in half the time it takes everyone else, and now I'm first in line for a promotion!

So now I'm in the market for bigger underwear...


Given some wiggle room, Mench goes on home run binge
Thursday, April 27, 2006

Texas Rangers outfielder Kevin Mench, who set a team record by homering in his sixth consecutive game Wednesday, is playing like a man unleashed.

And it may be because of a toe unleashed.

Mench missed five of the Rangers' first 14 games with a sprain in the second toe of his right foot, a condition that Rangers team physician Dr. John Crates identified as "turf toe." Turf toe, however, normally only affects the big toe. But using a toe and footprint the way a police detective would use a fingerprint, the doctor identified the cause of Mench's curious condition: He was wearing size 12 shoes when he needed to wear size 12 1/2.

xplaining the situation to reporters last week, Mench said, "I'd been wearing 12s since I was 15 years old. That's the last time I had my feet measured you know, when I went to the shoe store with my parents. I guess feet can grow after that."

With the wrong shoes, Mench started the season by going 10 games without an RBI and 17 without a home run. With the right shoes, Mench has 20 RBIs and six home runs in the past seven games. Two of his six home runs have been grand slams (the second and third of his five-year career), and his current 11-game hit streak is a career best.

Mench will enter Friday's game at Cleveland two games away from tying the major league record for consecutive games with a home run shared by Ken Griffey Jr. (1993), Don Mattingly (1987) and Dale Long (1956).

Since Mench's hit streak began, his batting average has risen from .217 to .343, and his slugging percentage from .348 to .687.

"I'm not going to overanalyze it," Rangers manager Buck Showalter told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "You run him out there, you trust him. When he collides with the ball, special things happen."

Particularly when his toe isn't colliding with his insole.

-- Daniel Uthman

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