Josh (desh) wrote,

Had a lovely holiday (the last 2 days of passover are a special holiday in their own right). Today, enjoyed the beautiful weather by spending practically the whole day sitting outside and chilling at Penn. Then after sundown, celebrated by having pizza and gelato with SGG and JP. Man, I've missed leavened stuff.

Got home, turned on the computer...and okay, this is crazy. I don't have time to look at the 20+ new non-spam emails and 120+ new LJ posts that have come in in the past 2 days. I only have this 23-hour gap between the end of Passover and the start of Shabbat, you see. I've been eating and cooking for the first 3, and I have to sleep and work for another 16. Keeping up in the so-called blogosphere is really a 7-day-a-week job. I'm gonna have to wait until Sunday to completely finish.

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