Josh (desh) wrote,

Best annual spectator sport events

To qualify, an event must refer to one sport or one organized collection of sports, with all games/matches (if more than one) taking place over one or several consecutive days.

1. NCAA postseason basketball tournament, 1st and 2nd rounds
2. Super Bowl
3. MLB Opening Day
4. The final weekend of The Masters (yes, I even like golf on TV; yes, I have a serious problem)
5. NFL Wild Card Weekend (not the next two weekends, because the home team always wins the divisional games, and 2 games isn't enough to make championship weekend interesting)
6. The championship College Football bowl game, always a couple days after New Years
7. Daytona 500

N/A: The NHL Playoffs. They would be around #2.5 for me, except that there's no particular game or weekend that necessarily qualifies in advance as being an annual must-see event. The MLB and NBA playoffs have the same problem.

What am I missing?
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