Josh (desh) wrote,

Spring concerts

As always, let me know if you're interested, though I'll likely only actually go to half of these or fewer.

Saturday April 1 - Tempest - Sellersville, PA
Sunday April 2 - Dar Williams - New Hope, PA (And is this the best concert weekend ever, or what? I'm not even listing Kris Kristofferson, Erin McKeown, or California Guitar Trio.)
Sunday April 30 - Lisa Loeb - Sellersville, PA
Sunday May 7 - Camper Van Beethoven - The Troc
Saturday May 13 - Live - E Factory
Saturday May 27 - Pearl Jam - Tweeter Center (Even if I could afford it and could get tickets and it weren't on a Saturday, I'd still consider not going. My, how times have changed.)
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