Josh (desh) wrote,

Something feels off about today. Or this week. I can't quite put my finger on it. Some combination of the crazy American political goings on, the strangely nice weather, the rumors of rootkits in Sony CDs and IM worms, people's reactions to yesterday's LJ news post, and my strange dream last night...I don't know. I just have an odd feeling. Maybe it's just Daylight Saving Time fucking with me.

I went on a binge last night for no apparent reason, reading everything I could about Burning Man. It seems fascinating. Like Philly Folk Fest, but much bigger, much harsher, and without the music stages to provide a distraction for people who don't realize that it's more about community than the music. I honestly don't know if I could handle no free water and no waste pickup, though, let alone no food sales and 60-degree temperature swings. There seems to be a big Jewish community there too: the Black Rock City JCC. (Which had an article published about it.) The pictures of Shabbat there are quite compelling. I'm intrigued, and not at all surprised that the names Rabbi Seidenberg and Rabbi Waskow seem to keep popping up in my searches. Do any of you actually know anything about Burning Man? It seems to have quite a reputation, but I can't quite figure out what that reputation is. Have any of you ever gone, considered going, or known anyone who went?

Enough of that. Now, time to turn on my work music (Aural Moon prog rock: Open the URL in your favorite streaming audio player; it's quality music, but just uninteresting enough that you don't need to focus on it while working) and start sending out resumes. None of the jobs out there look appealing, which speaks to how much I don't know what I want. But the best solution is still to send out resumes, and send I shall.

Or maybe I'll go to the gym. This expensive place 3 blocks from here just sent me a free 14-day trial in the mail. Hard to pass up. I'll just act all interested in joining for 13 and a half days. I can do that.
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