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I haven't read it yet, but McSweeney's seems to have a 5-part story entitled The Philadelphia Flyers Have a Time Machine. As I think I've mentioned before, McSweeney's is also home to McSweeney's lists, which is among the funniest collection of things I've ever seen, if a little cheap. I feel like I should like McSweeney's more in general, but I haven't really given it a fair chance. I'm also lazy. Maybe one day...

Every so often I get re-obsessed with puzzles. This most recent time, in addition to coveting all things Robert Abbott, I've started looking at social and outdoor puzzles. Unfortunately, I've basically missed the outdoor maze season, but I have hopes for going to one or two of the good ones next year. And I really want to run a copy of Abbott's Bureaucrat Maze sometime. (Unfortunately, I'd need about 4 volunteers and at least 15 or 20 participants, all of whom have to like mazes and puzzles. Not an easy group to arrange.) But foremost here is my discovery of Bay Area Night Game. It's almost enough to make me move out west. I wish I could find something like that anywhere near here. Anyone?

Klein Bottles are still fun. Calibrated Klein Bottles are still silly. But only if you have that certain nerdy sense of humor.

Yeah, I've become a regular Daily Kos reader. Being sucked into the world of political blogs, that's me. But if I didn't read that, how else would I find people I agree with and who are so willing to remind me what I should be thinking?

That's about it for now, I suppose.

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