Josh (desh) wrote,

Top 885 albums of all time

So the best radio station ever is currently counting down the top 885 albums of all time. Now, this is a much less compelling countdown than last year's countdown of the top 885 songs of all time. I probably can't even name the albums that 75% of my favorite songs come from. But it should still get interesting around the top 50 or so.

I'm definitely keeping my eye out to see which Beatles album is their best, how Animals measures up to Pink Floyd's 3 other popular ones (and how their others measure up to those 4), if TMBG's Flood gets the respect it deserves, if U2's newer stuff deservedly gets ranked near Joshua Tree, whether newer groups (Decemberists) can get anywhere near the top, and a few other things. My best guess for the number 1, right now, is Dark Side of the Moon. Though I reserve the right to change my guess later.

What do you think the best album ever is? What do you think they'll think the best album ever is?
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