Josh (desh) wrote,

car insurance

It's time for me to renew my car insurance. Progressive, my current company, can renew my coverage for $705 for the next 6 months. Which is rather good.

The thing is, Pennsylvania has a "limited tort" option, which I'm not currently using. Essentially, you sign something waiving your right to sue in case of an accident. You have to bend over and take whatever the insurance offers you, with no recourse. (Unless you die or are dismembered or something.) Though you get a substantial discount for doing limited tort. The premium with limited tort?

$487 for 6 months. This is absolutely unheard-of for a male driver under the age of 25 in Philadelphia. I thought I'd be lucky to get under $2000 for a year. $1000 is amazing.

But I kind of like my right to sue. So I'm not sure.

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