Josh (desh) wrote,

Wow, 2 entries in one day.

So I'm trying to decide what to take next semester. My last one in college.

So I have to take two math classes and at least two other classes. I've all but decided on "Logic & Computability" and "Geometry of Fractal Sets" for my two math classes. (Though if anyone here has a compelling argument for taking ODE, PDE, or a class in error-correcting codes, let me know.)

For one of my other classes, I have a requirement to fill. So I have to take one or more of: "Mythology", "American Popular Culture", and "Religion & Literature: Adventure, Fantasy, Quest, & Romance". I'm leaning toward the last two. Maybe the lit one, possibly both. (I could conceivably take none of these, but the requirement would be a bitch to get out of.)

If I only take one of the above electives, then I need at least one more class. Annoyingly enough, all three of the other classes that interest me meet at exactly the same time as each other, and are henceforth known as The Block Of 3: "Concepts of Stage Design", "Intro to Syntax", and "Folksongs and Ballads". (I'm sort of interested in Parallel computing, but that meets at a different time, and just messes up the whole Block Of 3 synergy, so just forget it.)

So one cool thing that comes out of all of this: None of the classes that I named above meet on Fridays. Additionally, only Mythology and The Block Of 3 meet on Mondays and Wednesdays. So I could take just the two math classes, popular culture, and the lit one, and only have classes on two days a week. But then I'd be giving up the cool options in The Block Of 3, which I can't decide between anyway.


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