Josh (desh) wrote,


Oh, so I almost forgot to relate my favorite story of Fest happenings.

So Jason and Farrah, two of the people at my campsite, don't volunteer. That means that they don't get a couple of free meals a day, and have to fend for themselves instead. Well, Jason is quite resourceful, and always brings tons of food, so he doesn't even have to buy anything. On Friday morning, he pulls out a mini propane stove and a pan, and starts making pancakes. (Looked as good as any pancakes I've seen out of a real kitchen, by the way.) He managed to flip them with the fork he brought, and everyone had a lovely breakfast. He also made some eggs over hard, but had some trouble flipping them. And he even brought an egg poacher to fulfill Farrah's lust for poached eggs.

Later that day, at the end of the afternoon concert, Bet Williams was performing. (I don't quite remember what her music was. Something bluesy or singer-songwritery, probably.) Toward the end of her set, I noticed a guy walking around with a box handing something out to a lot of people. I got his attention when he walked by our tarp, and he reached in the box and handed me a spatula! He said, "It's for Bet Williams' next song."

I was thoroughly confused, until the next song started. It was something about the summer, and walking around in a neighborhood and eating at lots of barbecues. At one point, she implored us to get up and dance with the spatulas. (Julie dutifully did.) And when the song ended, I made sure the spatula made it to Jason. It was really quite a nice and sturdy spatula. And the next morning, he had no trouble at all flipping his eggs.

I told him that he has to hang it up on his wall at home, under a sign that says "SERENDIPITY".

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