Josh (desh) wrote,

August of Awesomeness, version 4

Once again, my August seems to start in July this year.

Saturday, July 23rd: My one-year Abuseiversary (hi, rustnroses, burr86, and dubhain!)
Tuesday, July 26th: Dinner with myq (for the first time in Philly since 1994, I think)
Thursday, July 28th: Last regular-season game in my Ultimate Summer League
Friday, July 29th, 3:30 am: Leave for New England; eventually reach Boston for half the weekend
Sunday, July 31st through Sunday, August 7th: Havurah Institute
Monday, August 8th: Unload the NHC truck, unwind, and sleep a lot
Friday, August 12th through Sunday, August 14th: A weekend in DC or NYC, perhaps?
Friday, August 19th: Last day at work
Sunday, August 21st: Second day of Ultimate finals, if my team's still playing; followed by Dar Williams concert
Monday, August 22nd through Sunday, August 28th: Philly Folk Fest
Monday, August 29th: Resume job-hunting in earnest, again

(versions 3, 2, 1)

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